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10 scholarships for PhD positions

Published 2022-06-10

We offer 10 scholarships  for PhD positions available at the Università degli studi di Genova, Italy  and IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova, Italy 
A stepping-stone in your research career.

IIT gives graduate students the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree by making good use of its state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. All our supervisors have an international standing, interdisciplinarity is the rule and the environment is international; in short, if you want a challenging, but rewarding start for a career in research, we are here for you. 

IIT is not a degree-awarding body though.  

PhD students are registered at Università degli studi di Genova with which IIT has agreement  and which  awards the degree, and IIT provides the research environment and finances the bursaries that the University will eventually award to the students, after a public selection process. 

IIT scholarships for PhD positions available at the Università degli studi di Genova
8 Openings are proposed for NANOCHEMISTRY 
PhD Course in Science and Technology of Chemistry and Materials, curriculum "Nanochemistry" (Code 9308)
  1. Phd Project ‘’Development of colloidal nanocrystals and nanoheterostructures for energy related applications’’

Tutor: Liberato Manna, Luca De Trizio  contact: liberato.manna@iit.it, luca.detrizio@iit.it  

  1. Phd Project ‘’Electrochemical processes for water splitting and electric fuels production’’ 

Tutor: Liberato Manna, Michele Ferri contact: liberato.manna@iit.it,  michele.ferri@iit.it 

  1. Phd Project ‘’Spatial modulators and metasurfaces based on 2D and van der Waals materials’’
Tutor: Michele Tamagnone   contact: michele.tamagnone@iit.it

  1.  Phd Project ‘’Reshaping the energy landscape of giant-shell semiconductor nanocrystals via light-matter hybridization ‘’
Tutor : Andrea Toma, contact: andrea.toma@iit.it

  1. Phd Project ‘’Design of nanomaterials/nanostructures and photonic cavities for light-matter interaction’’
Tutor: Roman Krahne  contact Roman.krahne@iit.it
  1. Phd Project ‘’Electron microscopy studies of nanocrystals for energy applications’’ 
Tutor Giorgio Divitini   contact: Giorgio.divitini@iit.it

  1. Phd Project ‘’Synthesis of smart polymers and their use for the controlled assembly of inorganic nanoparticles’’
Tutor : Teresa Pellegrino contact Teresa.pellegrino@iit.it

  1. Phd Project ‘’From macro- to micro-batteries ‘’
          Tutor:  Remo Proietti contact: Remo.Proietti@iit.it 

full information is available at the general web page of the PhD programmes https://unige.it/en/usg/en/phd-programmes  of the Università degli studi di Genova

and choose PhD Course in Science and Technology of Chemistry and Materials, curriculum "Nanochemistry" (Code 9308) from the list of PhD programmes  https://unige.it/sites/contenuti.unige.it/files/documents/ALLEGATO_A_XXXVIII%20-%20EN.pdf – see page 99   Curriculum: NANOCHEMISTRY (CODE 9308)     for the Course: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF CHEMISTRY AND MATERIALS

2 Positions are proposed for Physics and Nanosciences, curriculum "Bio-Nanoscience"    (code 9266)

  1. Phd Project ‘’Machine learning and large datasets for advanced nanostructure characterization’’

Tutors: Ilka Kriegel, Giorgio Divitini  contact: ilka.kriegel@iit.it ; Giorgio.divitini@iit.it

  1. Phd Project ‘Superlattices and quantum confinement in 2D materials via substrate effects’

Tutor: Michele Tamagnone contact  michele.tamagnone@iit.it

and choose PhD Course in Physics and Nanosciences, 

see page 48   : curriculum "Bio-Nanoscience" (code 9266)