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Associate or Full Professor in Ecology of Multifunctional Landscapes

Published 2024-01-17

Are you looking to contribute to the development of sustainable landscapes that support nature conservation ecosystem functioning and human well-being?


Wat ga je doen?
Utrecht University (UU) is at the forefront of addressing pressing environmental challenges, and in response to the increasing need for comprehensive ecological strategies, the Department of Biology is seeking to establish a new research group focusing on the "Ecology of Multifunctional Landscapes". As part of this strategic initiative, we invite applications for the position of Associate or Full Professor in Ecology of Multifunctional Landscapes.

As the new Chair in Ecology of Multifunctional Landscapes you actively shape and lead the new UU research group dedicated to this topic within the Institute for Environmental Biology. Your responsibilities include building a cross-scale research team and defining the group’s research and education priorities within the theme of Multifunctional Landscapes. You will develop and supervise fundamental, externally funded, research projects at the BSc, MSc, PhD and Postdocs levels in the Utrecht Graduate School of Life Sciences and will act as supervisor of PhD theses (“promotor”) within the Department of Biology of Utrecht University.

Research: You will lead the group’s research efforts in understanding and promoting multifunctional landscapes that integrate diverse land uses, such as forestry, wildlife conservation and agriculture. The primary emphasis will be on human-plant-animal interactions within landscapes that serve multiple purposes to meet both Dutch and global challenges in balancing nature conservation, urbanization and agricultural production. You possess the ability to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied research topics, with an affinity for outreach and stakeholder engagement. As team leader, you will be a fundamental connection between research groups of the institute, the department, the faculty, and beyond. Your energy and passion for this new high-profile line of research will strengthen the institute’s impact and reputation - both within the Netherlands and internationally.

Teaching: You will play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape at Utrecht University. You will contribute significantly to the development and implementation of new core curricula, ensuring that the next generation of ecologists is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of sustainable multifunctional landscapes. As a passionate academic teacher, you will play a key role in the Biological Sciences bachelor and master curriculum, as well as in the training and coaching of PhD students and early-career scientists.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and lead a vibrant research programme on the ecology of multifunctional landscapes.
  • Conduct fundamental and applied research on habitat connectivity, landscape composition, ecological networks, and ecosystem services within multifunctional landscapes.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, both nationally and internationally, to integrate scientific knowledge into practical strategies for landscape management, conservation, and restoration.
  • Play a central role in shaping the teaching agenda of the newly established research group at the bachelor and masters levels.

Join us in making a significant impact on the future of ecological research to the service of both nature and society!


  • PhD in Ecology, Environmental Biology, or a related field.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the study of multifunctional landscapes, human-plant-animal interactions, and wildlife ecology in The Netherlands and/or internationally.
  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching and mentoring of students and expertise in developing and implementing innovative and engaging teaching methods.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to inspire and guide students towards multidisciplinary research perspectives.
  • A strong record of scholarly achievements, including high-impact publications and successful grant acquisition.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and contribute to the development of sustainable land management practices.
  • Strong team player with excellent leadership, management and communication skills.


  • An appointment as Full Professor (0.8 - 1.0 FTE), starting with a fixed term contract or a permanent contract based on qualifications and experience. The chair will be subject to evaluation after five years or;
  • An appointment as Associate Professor (0.8 - 1.0 FTE), starting with a fixed term contract. Following a positive evaluation after 18 months, this will be converted in a permanent contract. We offer the potential opportunity to grow into the position of Full Professor;
  • A full-time gross salary – depending on previous qualifications and experience –ranging from € 6,648 to €9,680 in scale H2 for the Full Professor position. As Associate Professor a full-time gross salary – depending on previous qualifications and experience – ranging between €6,002 and €8,025 per month in scale 13-14 under the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO NU);
  • 8% holiday pay and 8.3% year-end bonus;
  • A pension scheme, partially paid parental leave and flexible terms of employment based on the CAO NU.

In addition to the terms of employment laid down in the CAO NU, Utrecht University has a number of schemes and facilities of its own for employees. This includes schemes facilitating professional development, leave schemes and schemes for sports and cultural activities, as well as discounts on software and other IT products. We also offer access to additional employee benefits through our Terms of Employment Options Model. In this way, we encourage our employees to continue to invest in their growth. For more information, please visit Working at Utrecht University.


Universiteit Utrecht

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The research of the Department of Biology is scientifically organized in two institutes: the Institute of Environmental Biology (IEB) and the Institute for Biocomplexity and Bioinformatics (IBB). The Chair in The Ecology of Multifunctional Landscapes will be affiliated with the IEB. Inspired by nature, the Institute of Environmental Biology aims to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions for urgent societal problems such as future food security, ecological consequences of climate change, and protection of our natural resources. The Chair in The Ecology of Multifunctional Landscapes is expected to have close links to the chair groups in Ecology and Biodiversity and Animal Behavior and Cognition.


For more information, please contact George Kowalchuk at g.a.kowalchuk@uu.nl or Marijke van Kuijk at m.vanKuijk@uu.nl.

Do you have a question about the application procedure? Please send an email to science.recruitment@uu.nl.

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