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Offer for PhD student, Coupled nanoelectromechanical resonators (NEMS) for signal processing

Published 2023-04-20

Topic description

Nanoelectromechanical resonator allows mechanical degrees of freedom to be coupled with electrical signals. This is of interest not only for sensing applications, but also for signal processing. Coupled nanoelectromechanical resonators (NEMS) are interesting because information carried by mechanical phonons can be transferred between mechanical modes and also filtered in different frequency bands by controlling the energy transfer. 

Here we propose a PhD position to study the coupled NEMS arrays. In this project, the NEMS is a silicon nitride drum resonator capacitively coupled to a suspended top gate, which has recently been achieved by the team at iemn. Its typical resonance frequency is around 10 MHz. The tiny mechanical displacements, in the order of nm, is read out by microwave reflectometry. The objective of this project is to understand how the signal processing is processed in this coupled NEMS array and to explore nonlinear dynamics.

We offer this good opportunity to the student interested in NEMS/MEMS functional devices and fundamental aspects of the nanomechanics. The student will join the physics group at the IEMN and will be strongly supported by CNRS researchers and engineers in nanofabrication and device metrology. 

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Public funding alone ( government, region, European, international organization research grant)

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