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Position as Student Assistant (HiWi)

Published 2022-06-16

Unveiling temporal and spatial patterns of microplastic burial in freshwaters

The main goal of the project is to determine the flux and pool of microplastics in the largest water reservoir of the Lange Erlen groundwater replenishment system (Basel Stadt). The study will test whether an increase in microplastic pollution can be observed after the onset of large-scale plastic production. To achieve this, a combination of cutting-edge methods from microplastics and geoecology research fields will be applied to dated sediment cores, whose sedimentation history includes the onset of plastic production. Temporally reconstructed data on effective microplastic burial in freshwaters are urgently needed, because the fate of microplastics in these systems remains largely unknown, resulting in uncertain estimates of global plastic fluxes in rivers.

Your position
  • Assist in processing sediment core samples for microplastic analysis
  • Assist in characterizing sediments (e.g. determining particle size distribution)
  • Assist with general maintenance of laboratory cleanliness
  • Chance to contribute towards particle characterization using microscopy and spectroscopy
Your profile
  • You are a student registered at the University of Basel or FHNW (requirement)
  • Experience in biology/chemistry laboratory work (requirement)
  • Ability to work with great attention to detail (requirement)
We offer you
  • Opportunity to gain experience with hands-on environmental research in the area of microplastic pollution and geoecology, i.e. the standardized processing of samples and collection of data to test hypotheses about microplastic accumulation in aquatic sediments over time
  • Learning and exploring the techniques required for studying microplastic pollution; these techniques are also widely applicable in other fields
Application / Contact
INTERESTED? Please send a short motivation statement and possible starting date to:
Gabriel Erni Cassola, Dr.
MGU, Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Basel,
Vesalgasse 1
4051 Basel
E-mail: gabriel.ernicassola@unibas.ch

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