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Systems and Administration Manager

Published 2022-01-13

The Department and role purpose
The Systems and Administration Manager is a new role within the Directorate, created to bring together all the relevant support functions under one, coordinated team. We are increasingly adopting new, digitalized ways of working to improve the effectiveness and improve service delivery across all colleges and departments. Given the complexity and scale of our services, the development and implementation of effective administrative processes is fundamentally important to improve communication across the Directorate.

Role responsibilities:
  • Provide management for stakeholder service areas and/or processes ensuring a high quality and timely service to all stakeholders, across Catering and Residential Services.
  • Manage and monitor performance and workload outcomes and/or staff, planning cover to ensure smooth service provision through peaks and troughs.
  • Analyse service data and provide reports to Service Heads, making recommendations for improvement as appropriate.
  • Provide advice to stakeholders in relation to University, Division and Directorate, procedures and regulations.
  • Ensure the review and improvement of systems and procedures in line with University, Division and Directorate across College Operations including Catering, Residential and Health and Safety Services.
  • Distribute service information and provide assurance, advice and guidance to stakeholders regarding compliance and regulations.
  • Ensure regulations and procedures are updated to take account of internal and external changes.

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