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University Positions is one of Europe’s leading career networks for universities, colleges and research. Since 2004 we have helped all of Europe’s colleges, universities and research institutes to find the most competent and qualified staff.

University Positions career network offers a wide range of vacancies in research and higher education from all European countries. Via University Positions, you will find the latest career opportunities from universities, higher education and research companies.

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Our career network offers jobseekers within the academic world a host of opportunities via one of our regional portals, which has the latest jobs each respective country’s universities, higher education and research institutes. To see which job opportunties are available in each respective country, click on one of the following portals in our career network:

All our international positions are also collected on our European portal:

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A part of Linti Group

University Positions has been part of Linti Group AB since the spring of 2019. Linti Group is a Swedish startup from Stockholm, active in Human Resources. Linti Group’s vision is a gender-equal labor market without a shortage of skills. A labor market where every individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential by being in the right place and feeling good and feeling happy at work.

Linti Group’s range of services includes packaged and curated job and career data, arenas for employer communication and job search sites. Linti Group wants the meeting between employers and employees to lead to an equally harmonious and productive symbiosis where everyone is a winner.