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Apply by: 2025-01-15


Published 2024-06-11

We invite interested candidates who are passionate about research and motivated to pursue an exciting and successful career in business academia to apply for the PhD in Management Programme offered by INSEAD, one of the world's leading and largest business schools. 

The INSEAD PhD in Management seeks 16-18 candidates for the mid-August 2025 intake. It offers eight areas of specialisation, including Accounting and Control, Decision Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Strategy, and Technology and Operations Management. The programme is highly interdisciplinary, encouraging collaboration across areas. Moreover, it welcomes applicants from various academic fields, with or without a management background. While research experience is beneficial, it is not a prerequisite for applying, making it accessible to a diverse range of candidates. 

Download the call for applications and job description of our PhD Positions and  5-year Funding flyers or visit inse.ad/why-the-insead-phd 


  1. Globally recognised: INSEAD is globally renowned as a top-tier business school, and the global academic community highly regards its PhD in Management Programme. By pursuing your doctoral degree at INSEAD, you become part of an elite network of scholars and researchers. This global recognition opens doors to securing top academic positions, collaborations and research opportunities across the globe.
  2. Dual-campus structure: INSEAD's unique dual-campus structure allows students to pursue their PhD studies on two campuses - Europe (Fontainebleau, France) and Asia (Singapore). They can experience the other campus and its diverse research environment through the mandatory campus exchange. This exposure to both Europe and Asia enhances their global research perspective. Additionally, an optional PhD Exchange at Wharton allows them to study in North America, creating a 'third location' experience. The mobility offered by the dual-campus structure also enables students to conduct research on the other campus for 1-2 weeks to collaborate with their dissertation committee members, contributors and peers.
  3. Culturally diverse and supportive community: INSEAD attracts students from various countries, cultures, and academic backgrounds. This multicultural community enriches your PhD learning experience, exposing you to varying perspectives and fostering cross-cultural understanding. In addition, collaborating with fellow students and other degree programmes at INSEAD from diverse backgrounds enhances creativity, promotes a global outlook, and broadens your network of future academic and professional connections.
  4. Five-year funding for all admitted students, regardless of background. Applicants do not have to send a separate application to qualify for the fellowship. All they have to focus on is preparing for their PhD application. Once admitted, PhD students will receive funding for the first five years of doctoral studies. The scholarship covers tuition fee waiver, living expenses and accommodation, research and conference budget support, and health insurance coverage. Visit inse.ad/phd-stipend for more details.
  5. Outstanding faculty and cutting-edge research environment: INSEAD's faculty members are distinguished experts in their fields, consistently pushing the boundaries of knowledge and research. As a PhD student, you will work closely with these accomplished scholars, benefitting from their expertise and mentorship. In addition, INSEAD's research environment fosters innovation, intellectual rigour, and interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing you to tackle complex management challenges and make significant contributions to your chosen research area.
  6. Access to extensive resources and collaborations: INSEAD provides exceptional resources to support your research. You will have access to various cutting-edge databases, libraries, and research facilities, empowering you to conduct in-depth and impactful studies. Additionally, INSEAD's strong network of collaborations with prestigious institutions and business schools worldwide, such as The Wharton School and Sorbonne Universite, offers further research opportunities and the chance to engage with renowned scholars from different domains.
  7. Formidable placement history: A PhD from INSEAD opens doors to top placements in leading business schools worldwide. The rigorous training, research experience, scholarly reputation and highly diverse community associated with INSEAD and its PhD Programme equip you with the skills, knowledge and expertise to excel in academia and build your expertise highly regarded by industry leaders and organisations. 

By pursuing the INSEAD PhD, you join a globally recognised institution that fosters a vibrant research ecosystem, supports intellectual growth, and empowers you to become a leading scholar in the management field. The academic excellence, diverse community, and extensive resources at INSEAD and its strategic alliances will shape your intellectual journey, expand your horizons, and lay a strong foundation for a successful academic career and beyond.


The INSEAD PhD welcomes applications from various backgrounds, including engineering, technology, economics, psychology, sociology, sciences, etc. Senior undergraduates, master's students (research or coursework track), pre-doc associates and fellows, and alumni with industry experience are encouraged to apply. Moreover, neither a formal business education nor professional experience is compulsory, and having prior research experience is helpful but not required before applying. Therefore, Regardless of background, all applicants must be motivated to pursue a career in business academia as a researcher and management professor.


We encourage applicants with a solid academic record, a competitive GMAT or GRE test, research exposure, strong faculty recommendations, and the desire to pursue unparalleled business research as a management professor to apply. More info is at inse.ad/phd-application-checklist.


Preparing for a PhD application takes substantial time and effort. Although we are still in the early stages of the application process, we strongly urge you to talk to us soon about your graduate study and career plans. Then, we can discuss the steps you can take to prepare for a successful and competitive INSEAD PhD application. To contact us, please download our programme representative’s contact details at inse.ad/contact-card-phd-team.  


Applicants must submit an online application and upload e-copies or PDFs of original supporting documents. The online application opens in September 2024. Please visit inse.ad/phd/admissions for more info. 

Got questions? Contact us at inse.ad/phd-updates-2025-intake or attend our events at inse.ad/phd/events 

Visit https://www.insead.edu/privacy-policy to learn how we process your data.

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