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Apply by: 2024-09-14

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Published 2024-07-16


The research assistant will be expected to assist in the identification and development of potential areas of research and the development of proposals for independent or collaborative projects within or adjacent to the main project. In particular:

  • Filling the gaps between 18th century republicanism and its antecedents, in particular in 17th century England, and the way in which Dissenters such as Price and Priestley used these antecedents to create their own arguments.
  • Helping to map out the philosophical arguments from 18th century authors with contemporary republican arguments, with a particular focus on forced immigration.
  • The relevance of the 18th century debates to contemporary issues in political philosophy.
  • Skills, Experience & Qualification needed

  • PhD in Philosophy
  • Familiarity with early modern and contemporary issues in political philosophy
  • Familiarity with the work of at least two 18th century women or marginalised philosophers
  • Ability to publish in contemporary and history of political philosophy
  • Experience in organising workshops and conferences
  • Experience in obtaining grants for organizing workshops and conferences
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