AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Key infrastructure issues
The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria's largest non-university research institute, is among the European research institutes a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future.

Ingenious Partner
As an Ingenious Partner to industry and public institutions, AIT is already researching and developing the technologies, methods and tools of tomorrow ‑ paving the way for the innovations of the day after tomorrow.

The Republic of Austria (through the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) has a share of 50.46%, while the Federation of Austrian Industries owns 49.54% of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

At AIT there are over 1.300 employees working throughout Austria - largely based at our Headquarter in Vienna and at our main facilities Seibersdorf, Wr. Neustadt, Ranshofen and Graz- on the development of tools, technologies and solutions for Austrian industry considered to be of future relevance and which comply with the institute’s motto “TOMORROW TODAY”.

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology has three operative 100% subsidiaries. The AIT brand comprises one subsidiary: LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH (Center for Low-Emission Transport, Competence Unit "Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen").

The two other subsidiaries are separate brands with their distinctive company profiles: Seibersdorf Labor GmbH and Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH.

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Published: 2023-12-31
  • Vienna