FHWien University of Applied Sciences

We are Austria‘s leading provider of university of applied sciences (UAS) degree programmes in management and communications. Guided by the principle of lifelong learning, we have designed our academic programmes to be active, flexible and future-oriented.

Our academic programmes
Not only are our programmes some of the best of their kind in management and communications nationwide, they have proven their competitiveness on the European educational market as well. Thanks to our continual reappraisal and revision of course content to match current professional requirements, our students and graduates are optimally prepared for the job market. Use of modern didactics and ongoing quality assurance in research, instruction, and administration both play a part in maintaining our top-notch academics.

Our students and graduates
We act with the interests of both students and the business world in mind. By promoting a respectful tone among our students, we allow them to develop their individuality. Moreover, we encourage initiative and team spirit, which ensures that our students receive the most from their education. Selection of students and instructors is a crucial part of these activities, contributing to our goal of developing long-term, reciprocal relationships with our students and graduates.

Our faculty
It is our instructors who play the primary role in developing and informing the professional and personal development of our students. They are the link between academics, practice, and career launch. The enthusiasm and know-how of our instructors is strongly reflected in the quality of instruction and the reputation of the FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW. Seen as competent partners, instructors are thus a critical element to our success.

Our staff
The knowledge, experience and dedication of our faculty and staff are our capital. It is for this reason that their professional and personal development ranks high in our organisation. We
actively encourage a working atmosphere characterised by trust and open dialogue.

Our responsibility
At the FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW, we are firmly dedicated to our responsibility to society and the business world as well as our instructors and students. Constructive, trust-based relationships with institutions and businesses serve to ensure long-term partnerships and create added value for all parties involved.