AmiKana.BioLogics is a privately held biotech company incorporated in December 2007. It operates from laboratory space in the La Timone Faculty of Medicine in Marseille, France.

Our goal is to improve the clinical management of patients failing therapy by providing tools for drug resistance analysis using the yeast cell.

The implementation of AmiKana’s tools will allow optimization of personalized medicine and improve drug development.

AmiKana.BioLogics holds exclusive rights, on patent protected methods, to market the tools it develops.

Drug resistance, the result of specific mutations in drug targets and/or related target proteins, leads to lack of response to therapy.

While protein sequencing, in search of resistance-conferring mutations, is an appropriate approach when the repertoire is known, functional analysis is required for unknown mutation repertoires.

The drug resistance functional analyses on the market are complex and require either an appropriate laboratory for cell culture and/or a certified Level 3 containment facility.

AmiKana.BioLogics develops a new variety of biological tools for implementation in microbiology laboratories, using the yeast cell as a cellular reader of drug resistance. These tools analyze drug resistances in a cellular, reproducible, user-friendly, easy-to-read, and low-cost system.

AmiKana.BioLogics’ first product addresses both HIV resistance diagnostics/treatment optimization, and services to pharmaceutical companies targeting viral infectious diseases.

Clinical Partners
AmiKana.BioLogics has signed partnership agreements, for the implementation of clinical studies related to HIV and HCV diagnostic tools, with the:

  • Virology Laboratory (Laboratoire de virology), La Timone Hospital, Marseille, France, headed by Pr Didier Raoult.
  • Infectious Diseases Department (Service d’infectiologie), Nice University Hospital, France, headed by Pr. Pierre Dellamonica.
  • Fundacion HUESPED, Buenos Aires Argentina, chaired by Dr Pedro Cah, head of Infectious Diseases Unit at Hospital Juan A. Fernandez of Buenos Aires.