Audencia Business School

Audencia Business School's commitments
in 2004, Audencia Business School became the first school of management in France to sign the United Nations Global Compact.

Since then, the school has been fully involved in this initiative, which has brought businesses, labour organisations and societies together to further 10 universal principles of human rights, labour standards and the environment.

In signing the Global Compact, Audencia Business School has committed itself to promoting these 10 principles to its student body, staff and partners: it also integrates these principles into its research, teachings and internal management while reporting annually on its aims and related measures taken.

Audencia Business School's mission
Increasing its influence both in France and internationally from its territorial roots, Audencia Business School educates and accompanies in the development of their competencies, students and managers of diverse origins and backgrounds who are attentive to giving meaning to their projects and commitments.

Guided by the values of innovation, cooperation, and responsibility, Audencia produces and disseminates knowledge useful to society, designed to develop management education and inspire new business practices.