Institut Gustave Roussy



Institut Gustave-Roussy specialises in research on and the treatment of all types of cancer.

Institut Gustave-Roussy pioneered the multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of cancer. It is an undisputed expert in all the conceptual and technical fields related to cancer.IGR's activity is centred on rapidly transforming progress in basic research into clinical applications for the benefit of patients.

Three pillars : care, research and education
The Gustave Roussy cancer center, founded in 1926 by professor Gustave Roussy, distinguished itself from the very beginning by its wholly integrated approach to research, care and teaching; today, it is one of the ten world leaders in the fight against cancer.

Its internationally renown professionals are specialists with regard to all different types of cancer, at all stages and at all ages.

As an expert center in dealing with complex cancers, Gustave Roussy brings together cutting-edge medical care and human support.

Gustave Roussy’s specificity is also based on its therapeutic innovation, which today puts it at the forefront in very promising areas such as personalised medicine – which takes into account the patient and their tumour’s genetic characteristics – and tomorrow’s therapies (immunotherapy, DNA repair inhibitors, epigenetic modulators).

At the forefront of centers in the fight against cancer
A key actor on the European and international oncology scene, Gustave Roussy applies a global approach to cancer, employing multidisciplinary teams to care for each patient and define by a multidisciplinary process the best treatments for them. Top level research, conducted at the very heart of the Institute, is aimed at the integration of basic, translational and clinical approaches, so that the results can be applied as quickly as possible for the benefit of the patient. The teaching provided to the students, researchers and practitioners, enables them to bring into practice new developments in cancer treatment, and introduce innovations.

The Institute is a driving force in the dissemination of knowledge and training by exporting its working models, its experience andmedical expertise abroad. Further, numerous academic partnerships are nurtured with the greatest cancer centers in the world for worldwide research projects.

Gustave Roussy’s holds a central position in the project Cancer Campus – a campus of international scope which structures, around the Institute, university activities in research and health innovation – and Grand Paris, a future Greater Paris Area which links the major economical centers of mainland France.

A global front-runner in cancer treatment innovations for over 90 years

  • Our missions: care, research, train, and mobilise.
  • Our vision: set up the best group of researchers, doctors, care-givers, teachers and donors for the benefit of each patient.
  • Our commitment: create the medicine of tomorrow by speeding up the translation of scientific and medical discoveries to new treatments for cancer patients.
  • Our values: caring, creativity, distribution, energy
A mission of public interest
Gustave Roussy is a private health care establishment of public interest and a not-for-profit organisation.