Institut Louis Bachelier

Commitment to research in economics and finance.
Finance in the service of sustainable growth.
France has nearly 2,500 researchers in economics and finance. Among the concerns driving this community are the understanding of mechanisms, the anticipation of events, and the linking of financial topics with economic, demographic and societal issues. Since its creation in 2008, the Institut Louis Bachelier has initiated and strengthened the links between academic institutions, researchers and economic actors. It provides innovative solutions to promote the emergence of research programmes and allow the dissemination of their work.

The Institut Louis Bachelier in practice:

  • Management of 30 Chairs and research initiatives – involving collaborative research programmes between companies and academic institutions over a 3-5 year period –mobilising nearly 250 researchers
  • Regular exchanges between academic institutions and partner enterprises
  • Publications of the highest level destined both for economic and political actors and for researchers
  • Management of public research projects (Equipements d’Excellence and Laboratoire d’Excellence within the framework of Future Investments)
  • Organisation of keynote research conferences
  • Development of the first social network in finance:
Focus on LaBex :
At a time when finance needs to rethink its role in the economy and in society the Louis Bachelier “Finance and Sustainable Development” Laboratoire d’Excellence (LABEX) brings together the main French centres of academic excellence within a unique research network for developing innovative, controlled and regulated finance in the service of sustainable growth. The Louis Bachelier LABEX has already funded 30 Chairs and research initiatives and the development of exchanges between the financial industry and the academic world around various research projects. Together, private and public actors and academic institutions are contributing to the dissemination and promotion of French research.