Roullier Group

Roullier Group is made up of a Supervisory Board chaired by Mr Daniel Roullier, and a Board of Directors chaired by Mr Henri Boyer.
In the 55 years since it was founded, the Group has grown into a real human and industrial adventure that unites 7,000 employees, 66% of whom work abroad, all driven by the same dynamic: the desire to do business. Today, forward planning and responsiveness remain the Group's watchwords: action must be swift once a decision is taken, as should be change when taking a new direction.

Independence as a performance indicator
Our employees all benefit from an individual career development policy that enables them to quickly assume new responsibilities.

The desire to do business
The motivations and personality of each of our employees has them striving to overcome challenges and contribute to the Group's performance.

A results culture
Driven by a sole ambition, our staff embody and share the Group's enthusiasm for a challenge, determination, and feedback.

Believing in individual potential
Our Group is proud to discover fresh talent and to see them progress with new responsibilities. Emulation, teaching, and exposure to business realities form a key component of the Group's guaranteed success.