Université du Maine

The Université du Maine is a multidisciplinary institution founded in 1977. As a key socio-economic and educational player in the Grand Ouest region, it is situated on two campuses 80 kms apart, one in Le Mans and the other in Laval. The University offers a wide range of Labor-marketed oriented programs open to everyone. The University has numerous partners across 5 continents in order to encourage and develop its research and teaching activities for the sake of the students.
The University has signed 178 bilateral agreements, 89 of which are in Europe, and has increased its participation in international networks in order to facilitate student and researcher mobility. A member of the European Association for International Education (EAIE), it has obtained the French-German University status and participates in AUF consortiums. It is also at the origin of network-to-network agreements (RUOA, G9 group of Spanish Public Universities…).

A member of the EUA, a member of the ISEP network (International student Exchange Program), and Campus France, the University is heavily involved in the development of 65 dual-degree programs, 5 of which have obtained the European label from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.