Albstadt-Sigmaringen University

We provide the basis for a successful career
Albstadt-Sigmaringen University focuses to accomplish its primary mission: providing the basis for your successful academic and professional career. We help students to develop their full potential by offering an outstanding learning environment: students interact face to face with professors and share a team spirit, they study and work in groups of manageable size and use well-equipped laboratories, they attend practice-oriented seminars or lectures and benefit from a comprehensive support at our Career Center.

The university includes three departments:
(1) Engineering (2) Business and Computer Science (3) Life Sciences.
The number of students currently enrolled at Albstadt and Sigmaringen amounts to 2800. At present, there is an equal number of students in Albstadt and Sigmaringen.  Since the foundation in 1971, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University has been establishing and maintaining close contacts to local, regional and international organisations. Exchanging knowledge and fresh ideas with business experts and scientists enables Albstadt-Sigmaringen University to offer modern and practice-oriented teaching. Consequently, our academic training allows students to acquire business-related and career-oriented skills. Moreover, the degree programmes in their entirety keep up with the most recent trends in business life. In the context of a practical semester and several project tasks, students gain hands-on experience and know-how which they require later on in the professional world. After having graduated, our students are much sought-after on the labour market. They have ideal prospects to be recruited as qualified specialists and management executives.

Since following current developments in the academic world, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University was one of the first higher education institutions whose degree programmes had been fully converted to Bachelor`s and Master`s degree courses. Bachelor`s degree programmes last seven semesters whereas Master`s degree programmes last three semesters. After completing a Bachelor`s programme, graduates have acquired a first professional qualification. On gaining a Bachelor`s degree, graduates have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge by entering a Master`s degree programme. Graduates have the freedom to decide when they join a Master`s degree programme. They may either register after having completed a Bachelor`s programme or gain some work experience in the professional life first and return to the academic world later.

As one of the most modern higher education institutions, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University has been developing innovative degree programmes for many years. Some of our degree programmes keep on achieving top results in university rankings published by the German Centre for Higher Education development (Centrum fuer Hochschulentwicklung, abbr. CHE). In addition, the CHE Employability Rating confirmed that our students acquire top qualifications and excellent skills which they require in the professional world.

At Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, a great number of professors throughout different disciplines have been carrying out research activities in the areas of software development, international accounting or biomedical engineering over the past years.  In this context, the Institute of Applied Research (Institut fuer angewandte Forschung, abbr. IAF) plays a key role in promoting and coordinating ambitious research projects. As a main link to the business world, the Institute of Applied Research establishes contacts between academic staff and research-oriented organisations. Moreover, our Master`s degree programmes offer students a wide range of possibilities to play an active role in research projects.