Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Masters in the craft of practical knowledge. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.
The direct route to career success in the heart of central Germany –
the clear concept behind the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences is particularly compelling because it systematically brings together science and innovation.
In Bernburg, Dessau and Köthen, we offer innovative teaching and research at international level and with international study quality and quality of life. Over 65 Bachelor's and Master's degree courses in seven departments prepare over 7,900 students – including 1,900 international students – for one thing above all: a successful start to their careers.

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Because practical experience counts.
The most important concept for us? Practical relevance.

Every subject at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has been developed with the emphasis on practical training and a high standard of education. Project work based on practical application, international practical semesters and practice-oriented final year theses are part and parcel of day-to-day course work. Students' ideas are directly implemented in practice. New forms of teaching and e-learning, small study groups, excellent research and first-class contacts offer ideal conditions for a good start to a career either at home or abroad.

In the field of research, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences occupies a premier position among German universities and is well placed for attracting third-party funding. Successful application- and transfer-oriented research projects extend their reach across the whole of central Germany. Furthermore, thanks to close industry contacts, many research results are employed directly in practice by small and medium-sized companies.