Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

The Institute of Molecular Biology gGmbH (IMB) is a modern research centre, which is funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation, a charity with a long tradition in promoting outstanding research in medicine, biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical science. The foundation has dedicated 100 million Euro (approx. 110M US$) for a period of ten years to cover the scientific running of IMB. This generous core funding ensures that our scientists have all it takes to compete at the very forefront of science and allows our groups to embark on long-term innovative projects. IMB is currently headed by three Directors: founding Director Christof Niehrs, René Ketting and Helle Ulrich.

Our aim is to conduct basic and applied research in developmental biology, epigenetics, DNA repair and related biomedical areas. IMB is a non-profit company, but it operates like an academic research centre. Our status does, however, allow us flexible management structures and to remunerate our staff with competitive salaries.

Hierarchies at IMB are deliberately flat, and our research groups enjoy full independence. The working language at IMB is English and we are proud of our international and innovative atmosphere.

We are a young research centre with a clear focus on excellence. IMB currently employs approximately 200 staff, and our interdisciplinary research groups are investigating exciting questions at the cutting edge of biomedicine. As a growing research institute, we offer excellent opportunities for young, ambitious scientists to work in an international and dynamic research environment in the heart of Europe.