International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm

The mission of the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine of Ulm University is to promote and support excellence in graduate education and training in the field of biomedical research. Modern concepts in Molecular Medicine utilize interdisciplinary approaches combining methods from the areas of molecular biology and genetics with those from informatics, mathematics, physics and engineering. To fulfill these requirements a doctoral training programme entitled International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine was launched in October 2005 to strive to create knowledge and to pass this knowledge on to our PhD students in order to foster their scientific career. Major aims of this programme are:

  • to improve graduate training by creating an active, motivating, excellent and international research environment
  • to foster critical thinking and acting, creativity and personal responsibility
  • to encourage graduates to develop their own ideas, discuss them in an open forum and to convert them into meaningful action
  • to generate an international environment within which students can work with tolerance and respect for people from different cultural backgrounds
  • to encourage graduates to carry out independent scientific research by adopting a multilevel supervision and mentoring approach
  • to guide graduate education by establishing a definitive and transparent programme structure
  • to advance graduate career opportunities in the academic world and in industry.