Pforzheim University

The establishment and historical development of the Pforzheim University is linked in many ways to the evolvement of the regional economy which today is one of Europe's leading business regions. The demand for specialists in the various fields of the jewellery industry over the last 130 years has resulted in the development of an important applied university of sciences with a variety of studies which is second to none in Germany.

Pforzheim University with around 5,000 students is one of the largest of its kind in the German state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The amalgamation of the two former independent and successful universities of applied sciences for design and economics in 1992 laid the foundation for the engineering department of the university. Today, Pforzheim University for design, engineering, economics and law considers itself an impetus to society and a model for contact with people, resources and ideas. Studies and applied research serve to achieve excellent results in the field of design, engineering and economics. After completion of their studies, university graduates are able to think and act according to their practical needs in an intercultural manner.

The unique diversity of specialisation areas on the basis of established fundamental studies is an excellent preparation for technical and management tasks for the students. The School of Design offers a wide spectrum of attractive studies with regard to Jewellery and Objects of daily life, Accessory Design, Intermedial Design, Visual Communication, Industrial Design and Fashion and Transportation Design. The School of Engineering includes studies in the fields of Electrical Engineering / Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering/Product Development, Mechanical Engineering/Production Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering/General Management, Business Administration and Engineering/Global Process Management, Mechatronics and Technical Information Technology.

The most extensive course syllabus is offered by the Business School. Degree courses are offered which focus on Purchasing and Logistics, International Marketing, Marketing, Market and Communication Research, Advertising, Controlling, Finance and Accounting, Taxation and Auditing, Business Information Systems, International Business, Resource Efficiency Management and Human Resources Management. Pforzheim University has offered a degree course in business law since 1996. In addition, Pforzheim University has a wide choice of master's degrees from all of the faculties.