Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

About PTB
PTB – the national metrology institute providing scientific and technical services

What are PTB's capabilities?
PTB measures with the highest accuracy and reliability – metrology as the core competence

For whom does PTB work?
PTB stands for progress and reliability in metrology for the benefit of society, trade and industry, and science

PTB performs fundamental research and development work in the field of metrology as a basis for all the tasks entrusted to it in the areas concerning the determination of fundamental and natural constants, the realization, maintenance and dissemination of the legal units of the SI, safety engineering, services and metrology for the area regulated by law and for industry, as well as technology transfer. Only fundamental research work performed by PTB itself using latest technologies will enable it to ensure on a long-term basis its metrological competence recognized on the international level, and to extend it further.

The application of modern management tools enables PTB to perform the tasks entrusted to it efficiently and thoroughly. For the long term, PTB's work program has been adapted to the requirements of its clients - trade and industry, science and society - also within the European framework. The initiation of project work guarantees flexibility when problems are to be solved on a short-term basis.

As a result of its close cooperation with universities, other research institutes and industry, PTB has become a member of the community of all those pursuing research in Germany, and it makes use of these links for the benefit of all those involved. The comparison with the national metrology institutes of other countries ensures constant critical assessment at the highest level of metrology. Together with our partners in the projects implemented within the scope of international cooperation, PTB ensures the comparability and reliability of measurement results everywhere in the world on a long-term basis.