TFH Georg Agricola

We Combine Tradition with Innovation
Our know-how enjoys a long tradition. After all, everything began with technical innovations for the mining industry. Established in 1816 as the Bochum Mining School, TFH Georg Agricola has been passing on energy and environmental knowledge for almost 200 years. We help drive structural change towards sustainable industry with academic and research concentrations in geotechnical engineering, raw materials management, mechanical engineering, future energy development, environment engineering, power engineering, and information technology. As a private, state-accredited university, we stay in close contact with regional companies and our operating company.

For the Region – With the Region
UAS Georg Agricola has its roots in the mining industry and strong traditional ties to the community. We develop practical scientific solutions for and with regional firms and carefully tailor our curricula to industry needs. Over time, this approach has transformed us from a mining school into an innovative engineering university with a highly diverse range of educational and research programs.

Following in Georgius Agricola's Footsteps
The namesake of the University of Applied Sciences is Georgius Agricola, a Renaissance man who lived from 1494 to 1556 and who applied interdisciplinary thinking to the debates in his era. We strive to emulate his way of thinking. Instead of just teaching knowledge, we aim to empower our students to think independently and critically, to encourage them to pursue lifelong learning, and to train them to become responsible engineers. We have summed up this approach as Achievement + Responsibility = Future.

A Degree with a Seal of Quality
We are one of the first universities to bring in outside experts to certify its training programs in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. As such, we have committed ourselves to providing education that meets very high standards. We integrate current industry practices into our teaching and research. Many Diplom, Bachelor's or Master's theses are written in close collaboration with industry partners. We offer full-time programs, executive programs and combined vocational training/degree programs so we can be flexible enough to meet the individual requirements of our client base – the students. Our instructors teach their material in small study groups, which perfectly prepares our students for the working world.

A Global Player
Globalization is everywhere – even in the educational sector. We have responded to this development by partnering with universities and other countries, conducting joint research projects in China and Poland, developing internationally recognized Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, and supporting student exchange programs. We plan to offer joint degree programs with our partner universities abroad.