TU Dresden

The Technische Universität Dresden has its roots in the Royal Saxon Technical School that was founded in 1828. Today it is a university that unites the natural and engineering sciences with the humanities and social sciences, as well as medicine. This wide range of disciplines, which is unique in Germany, brings with it the obligation for the university to promote interdisciplinarity and to contribute to the integration of science and society.

The TU Dresden aims to establish a balance between professional and personal responsibilities and wishes to ensure equal opportunity in all its employment practices. The members of the Technische Universität Dresden maintain good relationships and confidence with one another in teaching, studies and research. In this environment, different life stories and career aspirations will be able to develop to their fullest. The Technische Universität Dresden fosters affinity with its alumni and supporters and invites them to stay involved in university activities.

The Technische Universität Dresden fosters the international character of the university and its members and cross-border cooperation in research and teaching. The university engages in worldwide cooperation and is proud of its direct and close contacts with scientific institutions outside of the academic community, with companies and cultural institutions in Dresden.

The Technische Universität Dresden combines tradition with innovation, thereby benefiting from the historic cultural landscape of the Free State of Saxony and the city of Dresden. As an active member of the civil society it contributes to the performance and power of enterprises and institutions of the region and beyond by pursuing knowledge and research transfer.

Together with the university hospital, the Technische Universität Dresden with its medical facilities is a major healthcare provider. The Technische Universität Dresden commits itself to pay particular attention to environmental planning and protection.

Stable and diverse research and teaching form the basis for the further successful development of the Technische Universität Dresden. In its core competencies, it distinctively contributes to its fields of excellence.

Excellence is born of the conjunction between outstanding research and passionate teaching. All disciplines represented at the university, have a foundation of expertise, initiative spirit, creative curiosity, commitment, communication and the ability to cope with criticism. All members participate in the process of researching by learning and learning by researching. The Technische Universität Dresden seeks to ensure maximum efficiency and transparency in all decisions and administrative actions. 

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