University Medical Center Freiburg

We Extend the Frontiers of Medicine, Research, and Teaching

A diverse team of specialists works hard every day to provide each and every patient a level of care far exceeding the standard. We venture beyond the frontiers of individual disciplines to offer the patient optimal treatment. We are not satisfied with our work until we succeed in offering our patients the best possible therapy.

The goal of our research activities is to save lives and maintain our patients’ quality of life by introducing new therapies responsibly and quickly. The Medical Center – University of Freiburg promotes a fast track for innovation, from the initial idea to its successful application. The basis for achieving this goal is close cooperation between researchers and doctors, irrespective of their field or profession.

Close cooperation also plays a crucial role in our teaching activities. Thanks to the broad range of disciplines covered at the Medical Center, our medical students receive virtually limitless opportunities to extend their knowledge. We encourage our students to engage in interdisciplinary inquiry from the very beginning.