Mid Sweden University

The work of the Mid Sweden University is based on undergraduate courses, research and co-operation with regional actors.

The university is a multi-campus network university with centres in Härnösand, Sundsvall and Östersund.

Undergraduate Courses
Mid Sweden University is one of the ten largest institutions of higher education in Sweden. Undergraduate courses and research are organised principally under the two faculties of the Human Sciences and Technology and the Natural Sciences. There is also a committee for inter-disciplinary research.

Mid Sweden University offers courses and undergraduate programmes in the following fields: the Humanities, the Social Sciences, Technology and the Natural Sciences, Teacher Training and the Health and Caring Sciences.

Mid Sweden University has selected six priority areas in which it already has an extensive commitment. All three campuses have undergraduate courses and research in at least three of these areas. This enables Mid Sweden University to develop a high level of capability within the chosen fields, which makes the university more competitive. This profile also gives Mid Sweden University a clearer role in the research community.

Co-operation with regional actors
Mid Sweden University has an important role to play in the developmentof the region. The university has close links with industry and commerce, local authorities, governmental authorities and other bodies in the region. This co-operation is important to the development of Mid Sweden University and its ability to contribute to the development of the region.