Örebro University

Örebro University is one of the fastest growing universities in Sweden. We have 17,000 students and 1,200 staff.

The university provides education and research in humanities, law, social science, science, technology, health care, medicine, education, music and sport science. The university offers 800 courses, 60 undergraduate programmes and 30 postgraduate programmes.

Örebro University cooperates with trade and industry, county councils, municipalities and organisations in the region as well as nationally and internationally.

In Örebro University's vision 2015, “The young university for growing people”, the university strives at becoming a European research university with attractive and innovative educations. The vision's main direction still applies. We are at the present time working to further define the vision.

In the university's strategies for education, research and external relations, the overall goals for the university are described as well as ways to achieve them. The strategies are continually revised. At this time we are working to merge the different strategies into one document. In the revised strategy external relations and internationalisation are made a part of the university's education and research.

The university's vision and strategies provide a base for the annual budget and activity planning.